The Advanced Glass Shader

If you're looking for a shader that simulates the kind of glass you find used in sculptures, crystal balls or other solid shapes, look no further. This beautiful shader gives you fine control over parameters such as transmission colour, reflection colour, curvature, refraction, chromatic abberation, opacity, specular and roughness.

The Advanced Glass Shader also comes with five multi-hue polymer shaders that simulate the coating on helmets, sunglasses and ski goggles by offering both Fresnel and gradient colouration and hue shift.

Including four common and hideous art glass creations, the Advanced Glass Shader is the perfect addition to archviz, fantasy and sci-fi settings.

This shader is not intended for accuracy with planar glass surfaces. Please use the default Unreal Engine translucency for objects just as windows. Statue used to demonstrate pack is SM_Statue from the Epic demo Sun Temple and is freely available from the Marketplace.

Technical Details

Requires at least one Scene Capture Cube component for reflections/refraction

Materials: 1
Material presets: 18
Textures: 14
Texture resolution: 1k-2k

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