The Advanced Cel Shader Pack

The Advanced Cel Shade Pack is an asset for Unreal Engine 4 that provides simple, no-fuss cel shading to most projects in just a few easy steps.

What is it?

It's a post-processing effect with minimal GPU overhead that allows you to render your scene as if it was cel-shaded, hand drawn, chalk on a blackboard, etc. The number possibilities are scientifically high and involve letters. There are over 40 controls to adjust your cel-shading experience.

How does it work?

Using the buffers provided by the Unreal Engine render pipeline, the Advanced Cel Shader analyses the scene and draws lines, flattens colour and re-applies new lighting.

What's in the pack?

A number of things come with the pack to help you jump straight in to cel-shading your game:

  • Sample level with a pirate that you can run around with
  • Cel shader, water shader and landscape shader examples
  • Presets for the cel shader and water shader

Getting started

  • Open the Unreal Launcher and navigate to the Marketplace
  • Inject the Advanced Cel Shader Pack asset into a project (if you don't have a project, create one first)
  • Open your project and create a "post processing volume". Select it in the Scene Outline pane.
    • Under the Details pane, scroll down to the "Post Processing Volume" heading and check "unbound" to make your post-process volume apply globall.
    • Under the "Misc" heading find "Blendables" and click the plus + icon to add a blendable. Set this blendable to point to the preset of your choice, eg. CelShaderDirtyManga.
  • You should now see the preset you selected applied to your scene.
  • To adjust the preset's setting, find it in the content browser and open it.
Something doesn't look right!

Your preset will probably need tweaking. Please see the troubleshooting page for a list of common issues to check and steps to take when adding cel shading to a new scene.

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