Cel Lighting Model update for the Advanced Cel Shader

The latest update of the Advanced Cel Shader will include a new feature, in the form of a cel-shaded character lighting model, such as the effect seen in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

In the above scene the characters, log and barrels are shaded using the new lighting model. The rest of the scene is shaded using the DirtyManga preset.

When doing a low-poly cel shaded game most of your scene's look will be thanks to careful use of textures and materials, but this still doesn't solve the problem of what to do about dynamic lighting. This is where the CelShaded Lighting Model comes in.


Usage is simple. First begin by selection a static or skeletal mesh to shade and place it in your level.

Next, create material instances of the CelMaterialLit or CelMaterialUnlit. The Unlit version relies completely on the new light model, whereas the Lit version is a combination of both for people looking to balance the resulting look with UE's PBR materials. The Unlit version of this material has the least expensive frame budget cost.

Inside this material instance either set a colour or select textures and normal maps to use. You can also adjust the specular fraction (this value is phong based and is the focus of the lighter part of the of the surface, not necessarily related to PBR shininess) and the light responsiveness, as well as the two-light mix value.

Finally, add the BP_CelShaderComponent to your actor. Alternately you can use one of the provided BP_CelShadedSkeletalMesh or BP_CelShadedStaticMesh instead of a normal Skeletal or StaticMesh actor.

During play the lighting model will update as often as is needed.

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