Advanced Space Shader Documentation


Create an infinite universe filled with stars and 3D nebula clouds, each one uniquely shaped.

Universe shader quick start:

  1. Drag "BP_Universe" into your map
  2. Hit play

Alternatively you can demo the Universe shader in the included Universe Demonstration map. This preview is intended to demonstrate the procedural nature of the shader and as a result the player pawn is set to move very quickly to allow for exploration. This will cause some visual artefacts in nebulas and clouds.

For ordinary usage it's suggested that you limit the player to slower relative movement to avoid nebula "bubbling".

Various settings are available in the details panel once you have placed the BP_Universe actor. These include local colour offset (from which the colour offset of the rest of the universe is derived), background radiaton, nebula form, etc.

A future planned update will add random generation of solar systems.

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